Use Your Shoes

How long do running shoes really last?

We’ve all heard it—300 to 500 miles. 6 months. Depends on the runner.

I don’t believe it.

I love buying shoes, who doesn’t? Looking through the newest buyers guide can surge adrenaline through the capillaries like shooting down a switchback. For us runners, shoes are our number one piece of gear. After 250 miles we are destined to start feeling the twinges of, “I need to replace my shoes pain.” Magically the new kicks, along with the new shoe smell, qualms our leg twinges. But, is this true or is it merely a case of phantom pains.

I am not an authority, just a case study.

In the past I have subscribed to the get new shoes quick state of mind. Now, I step back and reflect whether I need them or not. I’d like to put on the table that I’m not trying to save the planet nor live the frugaltarian life. I don’t mind doing either one of these things, but the foremost reason for not giving in to the new shoe fever is endurance.

What can your shoes endure?

As runners we test the boundaries of endurance on a daily basis. We test our bodies, so why not test our shoes. They are also in it for the long run.

How far can they really go?

I have a pair of Brooks Cascadia’s with about 1500 miles, this is nothing in comparison with some of my long live the running shoe compadres. You know who you are. Don’t fear the shoe companies that sponsor you. Put it on the line and let us know what your shoes have under the hood.

For all the naysayers, yes we know the negatives, the dangers and consequences. We also know what might happen to our bodies after piling on miles day after day. Still we endure.

If you can’t shake the shoe buying temptation, at least keep one pair of shoes in the rotation and put them to the test. See what you can put them through.

From this day forward we will be holding the Use Your Shoes running shoe contest.
If makes no difference whether road or trail.

What have your shoes endured?

How many miles do your shoes have on them?

Please post a comment with your shoe type and the miles on the shoes.

You can be discreet if your shoe sponsor threatens, and post anonymously. 


  1. 1600 miles in Saucony Ride 2,not usable anymore,the sole felt apart.
    1000 miles in Nike Skylon,a few holes in the upper part,I will squeeze about 200miles more maximum

    1. Freud, awesome job getting 1600 miles out of them!