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So you want to run an ultra?
The beginning ultrarunner is chock full of questions.

The first and most important question would be:

Why run an ultramarathon?

Everyone is going to have their very own inspiration, but here are a few common reasons:

It's a challenge-training and running an ultra will challenge you in ways that you would never imagine. It will test your grit and show you what you really have in you. No matter how fit you are, an ultramarathon will be a test of mental and physical durability.

Enjoy the time in nature-the majority of ultras are ran on trails, off the concrete and asphalt. Even if your ultra happens to be an in-town ultra, you will most likely spend a lot of your training time in the natural world. Most people are dying for an excuse to get out of town and spend 3-5 hours training in the woods. Ultras allow us the opportunity and get us to the mountains, trails or just plain off the beaten track.

Get and stay in good running shape-it's pretty hard to train and run in ultras without keeping in great shape. Running that many miles a week keeps a person fit and motivated to eat well and train harder. Signing up and committing to an ultra will inspire you to cross train and eat clean.

The minimal side- ultrarunning really is a minimalist sport, if you allow it to be. At the bare minimum, a person could run an ultra with a pair of shorts, some nutrition and shoes. Compared to other sports, to enter into the world of ultrarunning you will not have to get a second job to support your habit.

The list could go on and on.

If you agree with these reasons, why not start training for an ultra?

Day One-Running an Ultra

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