Ten Steps to Chilling before Running Leadville 100

The Leadville 100 race is this week. The entry is paid, the travel plans are made and the training miles are all bouncing up and down in your thighs waiting to be released.

How does one chill before a big 100 mile run?

Here's my ten ways to let the anxious energy hibernate until race day:

  1. Stop worrying about your crew, and send them over to Crewing the Leadville 100 Run for full details on crewing at Leadville. It is by far the best guide you will find on crewing at Leadville.
  2.  Don't worry to much about pace, but realize that it does matter. Sit back and let your pacers figure out what they need to do according to The Pacers Guide. When it comes down to it your pacer is going to need to do what they need to do, and in the end it always turns out fine. 
  3. Read Matt Carpenter's post and concentrate on his section about Mind Games.
  4. Check out The Running Man's tips for first timers.
  5. Breathe. Clic to learn how.
  6. Instead of focusing on the race decide to focus on the minimalist approach of making and enjoying tea.
  7. Or beer, wine, coffee or other drink of choice. Then take a bath.
  8. GO on a run. A nice short one. Read the course details and envision them as you run as slow as you can.
  9. Watch some easygoing movies. Cartoons even.
  10. Show up in town early. Leadville does have other attractions besides the race.

What do you do before Leadville?
How do you chill before a 100 miler?

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