Ultrarunnning--The Infectious Vibe

In a recent interview with Hal Koerner on Ultra Runner Podcast, Hal mentions the infectious vibe at Western States 100.

It's true the vibe at ultrarunning events is pandemic, and spreads like rumors of what the top ultra runners are running next. Many ultrarunners have been born from pacing or crewing, feeding on this infectious vibe.

Hang out at an aid station long enough and your bound to run an ultra. But, if your races are few and far between. Or you live in Timbuktu and ultra races are nonexistent, where can you catch this infectious vibe?

The good thing is that the ultrarunning vibe does not end or begin only at the races. The ultra world is expanding, and taking in it's arms all sorts of ultrarunning propagators.

The most obvious resource for the infectious vibe is the internet. The aspiring ultrarunner can be inspired by the top ultrarunner's blogs and race reports. A couple of my favorite ultrarunning blogs:

To go along with this hit up the ultrarunning websites:

Personally my favorite source when I'm going through an inspiration drought would be pod-casts:

Then there are videos:

In the end, an infectious vibe never harms. There's no doubt that nothing provides the vibe more than an actual event, so sign up for one today or start planning.

Where does your infectious vibe come from?

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