I Love My Ticonderogas & Patagonia Shorts

Where would I be without my Ticonderoga pencils?

There’s nothing better than a freshly sharpened Ticonderoga  pencil. The smell, the feel and the way they write. I don’t know where my obsession with these pencils began, but I’ve never turned back.
I’m also pretty attached to a pair of Patagonia Ultra Running Shorts. They are so comfortable, and they have seen me through 3 0r 4 ultra races. They have had their day, but I can’t seem to toss them.
It’s been noted that many writers have their quirky likes and dislikes. For some writers it is very important the time of day they write, where they write and what’s around them when they write.
Some writing quirks of famous writers:
Truman Capote was  a self-declared “completely horizontal author.” He said he had to write lying down, either in bed or on a couch, with a cup of coffee.
Ernest Hemingway used to write standing up, a pencil in one hand and a drink in the other.
Poet Wallace Stevens would compose poetry in his head while walking to and from his job at the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company.
Vladimir Nabokov did his writing standing up, and all on index cards.
*Writing quirks found at:   Note to self: develop some real quirks.
Runners also are known for their tendency towards quirks. Having running routes that they can’t veer from, race day rituals, post run rituals and special running gear. I searched  some running forums and found that some runners can’t go for a run before first taking a shower or shaving, others brush their teeth before every run, tie their shoes at the same tightness and or have to chew gum on the run.
I have to admit, I do have a few preferences, but nothing concrete.I think it’s good to have some running and writing quirks, because these quirks are often part of the routine that keeps you scheduled.
At the same, it’s good to toss your quirks to the side and start fresh, when you start a new writing project try to start fresh or write somewhere you normally  wouldn’t. This will help to liven up your writing. And with running, why not try running a day quirk-free. It might add something to your run.
When it comes to writing I do love the tools of the trade. Especially the minimalist ones such as, a spiral bound notebook and a Ticonderoga pencil. If you don’t have any Ticonderogas, I encourage to go out and by a box, sharpen everyone of them and start writing.
So where would I be without a Ticonderoga, probably the same place I am right now, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed the voyage as much.
What are your running or writing quirks?

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