Day 1-Running an Ultra

So you've decided to start training for an ultramarathon.

You've got the mettle to commit and the desire to run far.

Here are some things to get you started:

  1. Follow and Subscribe to this blog-it will be a constant source of motivation and ideas for the beginning and veteran ultrarunner. 
  2. For a limited time I am accepting new ultrarunners to coach personally through the internet. Free. If you're accepted, I will personally help you with weekly training plans, nutrition and inspiration to keep you putting one foot in front of the other. If you are interested, please email an explanation of your running experience, reasons you want to run an ultramarathon and why I should accept you for one of these limited slots.  Email: the runner
  3. Decide on your distance-Are you going to start with a 30k, 50m, 100k or 100m? What you choose will be based on your past running experience and how much time you are willing to put into your training.
  4. Choose a goal race-There are literally thousands of ultras happening throughout the world. Half the fun is choosing one, and then choosing another and another. Check out these sites for a listings of ultras: ultrarunning mag, american ultrarunning association, run100's.
  5. A training plan--these websites offer some training plans or get a customized one by following step 2. ultramarathontraining,runnersworldRun100miles
  6. Read-Ten Ways to Stay Motivated.
  7. Stay tuned to this blog-there will be weekly updates to keep you motivated.
  8. Get out and enjoy the run.
  9. Check out: Day 2
  10. Get into the Infectious Vibe.

If this posted helped to get you started, please let me know by sharing a short comment.
Remember this blog depends on you.

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